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Alan Green: Maybe Kenny Dalglish was the answer for Liverpool

Liverpool fans aren’t given to turning on their manager but the prolonged and ear-splitting chants of ‘Dalglish’ at Anfield on Sunday was as near as they probably come to doing that.

If anything, losing to Blackpool was a worse defeat than that in the Carling Cup to Northampton. At least that competition doesn’t matter and it was the cast of ‘not good enough yet’ and ‘never will be’ that represented Liverpool that night. Sunday was different. That was Hodgson’s first-choice eleven and they were pathetic against moderate opposition: Liverpool in the bottom three?

It gets worse, not better, and Everton at Goodison are their next opponents. Like Liverpool, Everton have had poor results this season but the difference is they’ve been playing well, Liverpool haven’t.

I really don’t think Hodgson could survive a defeat in the Merseyside derby. He was seen as a ‘safe pair of hands’, steadying the ship while the ownership issue was resolved: not really for the longer term. Perhaps the Board will see they should have taken up Dalglish’s offer in the first place?

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