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Alan Green: Miracle at Turf Moor

I won’t bore you with the details why but, at Turf Moor on Wednesday night, my mood was pretty foul prior to kick-off.

Perhaps it was because it was my fourth game in five days and that all the benefits that had accrued from a long holiday abroad had all but disappeared.

Then I was reminded of why I love football so much: you really can’t take anything for granted.

I would have staked my mortgage, and more, on Manchester United winning that game despite playing with an unfamiliar defence and without Ronaldo (who chose Carrick to take the penalty?).

Yet, what unfolded in front of my eyes was little short of a miracle and certainly one of the most surprising results in the history of the Premier League.

It’s not being ‘anti-United’ to say I felt like celebrating with the locals and Sir Alex deserves enormous credit for accepting defeat with such good grace.

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