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Alan Green: Mourinho still loves England and Manchester City would take him in

Jose Mourinho had a good week, didn’t he? Not only did the English media hang on his every word, before and after the game in Milan, but his Inter team actually won the match wholly against the run of play.

Some Chelsea players didn’t play particularly well. I thought John Terry was as poor as he’d looked against Everton and far too easily ‘bought’ the dummy thrown to him by Milito for the first goal. However, Chelsea dominated possession, the number of shots and the number that needed to be saved by Julio Cesar. Inter SHOULD have lost.

So it was a great result for Mourinho and, on a personal level, he’ll have loved the attention lavished on him. Hated, it seems, by all of Italy outside the Inter fraternity, the Portuguese was back in the loving bosom of English reporters.Even I admit to missing him from English football.

And he could be back sooner than you think. If Chelsea knock Inter out, and I think they will, he’ll have failed again to deliver what the Italian club craves: the Champions League.

He’ll be gone and I think there may be a vacancy at Manchester City in the summer, notwithstanding that bizarre result at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

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