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Alan Green: My pal Malcolm Brodie is a real legend

Wendy Austin interviewed me last week on news of the death of Malcolm Brodie. She rightly called him a legend and used the same term introducing me. Wendy meant well but I don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Malcolm.


I knew him for over 40 years since he offered this former Methodist College pupil a summer job as a ‘copy boy’ on the floor of the Telegraph sports room. He knew that working for the paper was all I ever wanted.

When I missed out on becoming a ‘Thompson Graduate Trainee’ there in 1974, Malcolm told me to come and work for him directly as a Sports reporter — “forget the training”, he said.

He offered twice the salary the BBC subsequently paid me. He never resented the fact that I turned him down and he was a constant source of support and advice ever since.

Like Sir Alex Ferguson, I loved the way Malky never discarded his accent.

He was once late for dinner with colleagues, including me, on an obscure football trip to Europe, explaining he’d “had to finish a piece for Pravda.” I’ll miss him: I loved him.

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