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Alan Green: Pearce hope went with Gerrard snub

If I thought I had good reason to feel that Stuart Pearce shouldn’t manage England, short-term or long-term, it was strengthened by his choice of Scott Parker as captain.

Look: too much is made of that role. In the last decade it has regrettably become an opportunity to make a lot of money. Personally, I think ANYONE might be appropriate if they haven’t broken the law, slept with a team-mate’s partner, parked in a disabled bay or missed a drugs test. To my knowledge, Parker hasn’t transgressed on any of those counts.

However, he’s 31 and has amassed eleven caps as opposed to the ninety won by Steven Gerrard at the same age, who led his country without blemish during the 2010 World Cup. Deliberately or otherwise, Pearce snubbed Gerrard. And he snubbed Ashley Cole who ‘qualifies’ by being the most-capped player around at the moment. And he snubbed Joe Hart, younger and likely to be England’s goalie for the next ten years.

Pearce was laying down his marker, making his point: ‘I’ll do what I want.’ It was also an own goal. And Holland were far better than 3-2 might suggest.

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