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Alan Green: Penalty goal the way to punish hand-ball cheats

You probably well know how much I’m in favour of using video technology in football and it still rankles with me that a fellow countryman from the IFA was amongst those on the International Board that turned its back on the opportunity to introduce it.

Events here in South Africa have at least encouraged the thought that change WILL come about. Even the Neanderthal Sepp Blatter seems to have ‘unburied’ his head from the sand.

Football lives in a cocoon but has a lot to learn from other sports. Though I’m not a rugby fan, I like its concept of the ‘penalty try’.

Watching Uruguay against Ghana made me think we could do with a ‘penalty goal’ in football.

The South American coach said Luis Suarez acted “instinctively.” Well, only if the striker was a goalkeeper in a former life! Simply, Suarez (left) cheated and his celebration making his way to the dressing room as Gyan missed from the spot was sickening. Wouldn’t it have been better to award a goal and forget about the red card?

Ghana, not Uruguay, would be in the semi-final tonight and justice would have been served.

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