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Alan Green: Portsmouth problems rising

There’s always somebody else worse off than you are. Even Bolton supporters must see that the plight of Portsmouth is far greater than their own.

Only the foolish take on the Tax Man and unless Portsmouth can persuade a judge that they owe less than the Inland Revenue says they do, it’s likely the club will fall into administration and have nine points deducted.

It’s pretty much akin to shooting dead an already condemned man.

The Chief Executive Peter Storrie described the club’s latest owner Ali al-Faraj as a “billionaire.”

Yet Portsmouth, aside from not paying their tax bills, have on three occasions now failed to pay players’ wages on time.

And, because they owe transfer and loan fees to other clubs, they’re not allowed to buy anyone in the transfer window this month. Sowhere is this Arab money?

Avram Grant (right) wants to bring players in, but Portsmouth have to SELL to find money that they’ll then have to pay out: further evidence, if were it needed, that football today is just like any other business. And Portsmouth can only lose.

Relegation looks the least of their worries.

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