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Alan Green: Premier League’s play-off plan is just plain crazy idea

The Premier League is considering introducing ‘play-offs’ to determine the fourth Champions League spot. It shouldn’t. It’s simply another attempt to squeeze money from fans.

Yes, I know how popular these end of season matches are and how they generate interest down the divisions: you might not get automatic promotion, but a good run could get you a play-off place.

But, basically, they’re grossly unfair. If, say, three clubs are due promotion what sensible logic decides that the team that finishes third over the course of the campaign might be superseded by the one that ended up sixth, however many points behind?

I can see how an ‘Aston Villa’, a club yet to finish in the top four of the Premier League, might fancy it. They’d be crazy not to, but that doesn’t make it right and I really hope the idea, just like that mad ‘39th game’ proposal, gets short shrift. Unfortunately, selfish interests may determine that it won’t.

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