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Alan Green: Rio Ferdinand should stick to his day job

I never understand why so many people hang on every word uttered by a succession of England captains, neatly forgetting that many of them have an IQ the size of a peanut.

Lovely guy and all that but I’ve seen interviewers practically go down on bended knee to be granted an audience with David Beckham. Yes, that’s the same Beckham who was so utterly confident that England would stage the World Cup.

And now we have Rio Ferdinand constantly offering us the ‘wisdom’ of his knowledge. Aside from his twitter observations — emphasise the word ‘twit’ — Ferdinand is on a judging panel to decide on ‘Military Awards’ for a national newspaper. He says he’d like to see British troops receive the same salaries as Premier League players.

Let’s see then — abiding by that conviction, Rio should march into Sir Alex’s office today, tear up his current £120,000 a week contract and demand he be paid £20,000 a year. Is that what he had in mind?

Please, Rio, get on with playing and leave your ‘intellect’ out of our solar system.

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