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Alan Green: Roy Hodgson’s tube boob an insult to Rio Ferdinand

For me, Roy Hodgson lost all credibility the day he said that Northampton Town — about to face Liverpool in the League Cup — represented “formidable opponents.”

How can you treat a manager with respect when he utters such tosh?

So I can’t say I was that surprised by the England coach’s faux pas on the London Underground last week.

I mean…of course you should expect someone in his position to tell total strangers that Rio Ferdinand wouldn’t be in the squad he hadn’t yet announced and that the defender’s international career was probably over. What took me back was the relative acceptance of such buffoonery in large parts of the media.

It was as if it showed ‘good, old Roy’ — I would agree with only the second of those adjectives — as a man of the people, someone who had the common touch. As if that matters in terms of being good at your job.

Goodness knows what Rio really felt but I’m in his camp. He’s been treated appallingly.

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