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Alan Green: Sepp Blatter goes from bad to worse

If you still have doubts about the compelling evidence that, as the sport’s governing body, FIFA isn’t ‘fit for the purpose’ then the latest pronouncements regarding ‘Qatar 2022’ should dismiss them from your mind.

Sepp Blatter’s horrendous gaffe about what homosexuals should, or rather, shouldn’t do during that World Cup was clearly brainless. How can there be any respect for such an oaf?

Now, mere weeks after a vote that paid next to no attention to the relevant technical report, there’s impetus behind the suggestion to move ‘Qatar’ to more ‘football-friendly’ months such as January or February.

And, of course, that would also apply to the laughable Confederations Cup in the year before, 2021, and, possibly, to future World Cups too for reasons of inclement weather.

The fact that Platini and Beckenbauer already support this notion — they should be ashamed of themselves — will alert clubs to move quickly to stop it.

Club football, not international football, should dominate the sport. So, don’t let these buffoons wreck the calendar.

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