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Alan Green: Sir Alex Ferguson’s nonsense must be challenged

Though I missed much of the game at Old Trafford, clearly Manchester United thoroughly deserved to win on Sunday and Berbatov was superb. But why must we allow much of the tosh spoken by the United boss afterwards to go unchallenged?

Torres didn’t cheat. He was fouled by O’Shea and the Irishman should have been sent off since he was the ‘last man’. If Ferguson is ready to identify cheats, perhaps he should look closer to home. Nani’s antics — makes you yearn for Ronaldo — have become an embarrassment even to United fans.

But, then, that’s Ferguson, isn’t it? So often gracious in defeat — a rare occasion, admittedly — he uses ‘victory’ to go on the attack. And reporters swallow it whole rather than offend the great man.

Meantime, on another United issue, Rio Ferdinand must be doubly worried that he’s lost the captain’s armband at Old Trafford to Nemanja Vidic. Injury kept the defender out of the World Cup and Steven Gerrard has been England captain ever since. Pressure grows on Fabio Capello to leave Gerrard in the role.

I reckon the player with the most caps should wear the armband and that happens to be another ‘tick’ in Gerrard’s box. Ferdinand may have lost the England job as well.

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