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Alan Green: South Americans show where the real talent lies

Europe got it wrong. We like to believe that, with one or two exceptions, Brazil and Argentina, the best football is played on our continent. Yet, Europe has fewer than half the places available in the quarter-finals.

Think of all those intense preparations: the time spent training at altitude; the best of facilities here in South Africa and a winter climate supposedly ideal for our needs.

In contrast, of the teams that qualified from South America and CONCACAF, only Honduras failed to survive the group phase and they were only too delighted to be here in the first place.

As compensation for going home, they had the player with the best name: Georgie Welcome.

And I’ve been really impressed with the football played by the likes of Chile and Paraguay. I had to write this before last night’s game at Ellis Park in Johannesburg but Chile played with THREE strikers against Brazil in the qualifying stages. Dunga, any chance you might pay attention?

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