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Alan Green: Sponsors’ cash can’t buy you morals

I don’t know which made me laugh louder: the club’s claim that the loan company it’s now tied up with does great work within the community or the Football Association questioning the morality of Newcastle United’s deal.

I mean, this is the same FA that has, among its sponsors, William Hill, Carlsberg and those paragon representatives of healthy eating for children, Mars and McDonald’s. Hypocrites or simply uncaring where the money comes from?

I’ll say this for the loan company — I won’t give them the publicity of mentioning them by name — someone inside their organisation had the wit to allow us to call the stadium St James’ Park again.

However, it just feels wrong and I don’t care that they already sponsor Blackpool and Hearts, neither club comparable to one that attracts 50,000 plus to home games and is an institution in the region. Newcastle should be above this and we’re left with further evidence that owner Mike Ashley simply doesn’t understand what makes Geordies tick.

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