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Alan Green: Suarez won’t be heading for Liverpool exit

I well remember the great Sir Tom Finney telling me how he’d told Preston that an Italian club had approached him offering vast riches if he’d move to Italy.

Preston simply said no and Finney meekly accepted his lot. Those were the days…

In these mercenary times EVERY player has his price and no club refuses a deal if the economics add up. So, having signed Luis Suarez for around £22m, a club offering Liverpool more than twice that amount would surely make them consider it.

However, the circumstances at Anfield are very different now as to when Suarez arrived. Then, the Uruguayan was meant to augment Fernando Torres, not replace him. If Suarez left in January, at least for a time there would be NO strikers at Liverpool. And I think he’s too happy where he is and too important to the team to be allowed to leave so soon after signing a lengthy new contract. So take Chairman Tom Werner at his word. Would Suarez be sacrificed if a big cash bid was lodged? “Absolutely not.”

Liverpool fans should rest easy.

There will be significant transfer movement at Anfield in the New Year but in, not out.

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