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Alan Green: Sugar daddy Roman Abramovich has soured Chelsea

Last week I suggested that whatever happened at Old Trafford in the Champions League the relationship between Chelsea and Carlo Ancelotti was heading for divorce.

The Italian coach’s comments since rather support that view. Yet, I’m beginning to think that Chelsea’s current problems actually began long before Ancelotti arrived at Stamford Bridge.

They go back to 2003 when Roman Abramovich turned up as an incredibly benevolent Russian sugar daddy. Yes, he was a blessing at the time . . . but, today, he’s as much of a curse.

His money, of course, is important, maybe vital, but his impatience means there can never be any long-term plan. Ancelotti cannot deliver the European glory he demands in the time scale laid out. So, who next?

And who in their right mind, except those seeking short-term financial gain, would accept the ‘working conditions’ at the club. It seems Jose Mourinho is averse to returning. Pep Guardiola surely is far too intelligent to contemplate the prospect.

The owner has had six managers in eight years. Only one has left of their own accord. Perhaps Abramovich was never the right answer.

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