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Alan Green: Technology would help get things right

It was bad enough to hear from the FA general secretary, Alex Horne, that goal-line technology will not be introduced in the Premier League before the 2013-2014 season at the earliest, worse still that its application should be so limited.

I understand why some have reservations about the feasibility of applying technology to matters such as offside but why not employ it to clarify, within seconds, clear miscarriages of justice?

Take the recent game at Molineux. Wolves lost 2-1 to Newcastle but should have been awarded a penalty and shouldn’t have had a late equaliser ruled out. The foul on O’Hara was at least a yard inside the penalty area and the Jarvis header which Doyle converted was the right side of the goal-line. Why are we so reluctant to get things right?

And on a related issue — thank heavens they at least had the wit NOT to suspend Jack Rodwell — why should Martin Atkinson still be refereeing this weekend?

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