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Alan Green: Terry’s call up sends out wrong signals

I have no knowledge of whether John Terry is innocent or guilty of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand: suspicions yes, knowledge nobut it’s wrong to include him in the England squad for the forthcoming matches against Spain and Sweden.

It’s not about being ‘innocent until proven guilty’: the captain’s presence in such circumstances is a wholly unnecessary distraction. Indeed, there have been too many ‘distractions’ regarding Terry at club as well as international level.

These are ‘friendly’ games, no matter the quality of the opposition on Saturday night, and the primary purpose should be to test out new players and changes of formation e.g. who wouldn’t want to see Phil Jones given a go at centre-back?

Isn’t it in Capello’s interests to see Jones in his proper position sooner rather than later?

More important still, while there is the slightest suspicion regarding Terry, by indulging Capello’s wish that he be selected sees the FA charged with gross hypocrisy remembering how quick they are to accuse others of racism.

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