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Alan Green: Terry’s ‘OJ’ moment just brought it all back home

I’m sure most of you couldn’t care less who the England captain is and, like me, viewed the palaver of the last few weeks as good reason to laugh.

I mean, the media here lathered itself in orgasmic speculation. It was ridiculously over the top and, for me, reached a climax with those helicopter television shots of Terry’s car as he headed for the fateful meeting with Capello. It was ‘OJ Simpson’ all over again, particularly for me as I watched from the US west coast. Anyway, the distance, I thought, leant me some perspective.

ANY international team will inevitably have several natural ‘leaders’ within the 11. Why give any individual an armband that can be exploited for commercial reasons?

And, if you must, couldn’t we follow the example once set by Italy? Make the oldest player the captain or give it to the one with most caps. Oh no! I’ve just realised: that could take England back to Beckham!

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