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Alan Green: Time to kick against Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce’s tactics

Too much ‘football reporting’ these days is built around ‘quotes’. The journalists are either too lazy to think for themselves or simply CAN’T think for themselves.

There are exceptions — James Lawton in The Independent, Patrick Barclay in The Times — but I yearn to pick up a paper to read a good thoughtful piece.

So . . . to the coverage given to Danny Murphy’s remarks regarding teams, he feels, are told by their managers to kick players off the pitch. He singled out Blackburn, Stoke and Wolves.

Largely, I sympathise with the case he made but, from what I’ve seen, Stoke’s style is definitely improving and the argument about Wolves should be about certain players, like Henry, rather than the manager.

Blackburn, however, is a ‘no-brainer’. Indeed, the ‘prosecution’ directed against ANY of the teams managed by Sam Allardyce over the years is surely indisputable.

And what angers me is how many of his pals in the media, who surely can’t be stupid, hide behind people like Murphy rather than go for the jugular and risk offending ‘Big Sam’. Now, you’ll never be able to accuse me of doing that.

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