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Alan Green: Total bull from Balotelli and Tevez

Though I admit I’m no lover of big cities — for me, the best thing about working in London is the journey back home — I have lived very happily not ‘in’ but in the vicinity of Manchester for nearly 30 years.

It is a thriving metropolis inhabited by overwhelmingly friendly people. So I’m getting sick and tired of mercenary footballers slagging it off.

Carlos Tevez clearly ‘hated’ living in Manchester so much he demanded to move away from Old Trafford, only to ‘happily’ end up at Eastlands: it had nothing to do with money, of course.

Now the idiotic Italian infant Mario Balotelli spouts in similar vein. “I am not happy in Manchesterthe city is not to my tastes.” Doesn’t your heart bleed for him driving around in that Maserati?

I can’t understand why any City fan would vouch any loyalty to either reprobate.

The club itself would gain in reputation — it certainly needs ‘progress’ on that front — by encouraging Tevez to fulfil his oft-stated desire to ‘live nearer his children’ and by allowing Balotelli to throw darts on the streets of Milan or anywhere else foolish enough to welcome him!

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