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Alan Green: Unbeaten Roy Hodgson must look deeper

While I still think England will qualify for the World Cup, it’s obvious to anyone that isn’t blinded by patriotism that this is a very ordinary team living up — or should that be down? — to the low expectations people like me had about what Roy Hodgson would bring to the job of national coach.

After the fiasco of last Tuesday night — it seems Poland doesn’t heed weather forecasts — the England performance 20 hours later was totally underwhelming: ONE shot on target in 90 minutes; no spark, no invention, no urgency and littered with appalling passing.

Without pace, without adventure, it was a typical Hodgson team: ask any Liverpool fan.

Yet he still refers to his “unbeaten record” neatly ignoring the defeat on penalties against Italy at the Euros.

He should also pay more attention to the fact that, by any sane judgment, England have drawn qualifying matches against Ukraine and Poland that they deserved to lose.

There’ll be plenty of cause to worry before a World Cup place can be counted on.

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