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Alan Green: Van der Vaart deal proves few can match Harry Redknapp

With due respect to the sensitivities of Harry Redknapp, the Spurs manager IS a ‘wheeler-dealer’, one of the very best.

When the door shut on the transfer window — actually, it didn’t or else this particular deal couldn’t have gone through — I thought his signing of Dutchman Rafael Van der Vaart was, by a distance, the smartest piece of work done.

I don’t understand Redknapp’s ‘logic’ in claiming that Bayern Munich, the day before, had offered more than twice the amount Tottenham paid — Real Madrid said it was nonsense — but £8 million for the midfielder still represents exceptionally good business.

Why Mourinho doesn’t fancy him escapes me.

My only doubt is how Van der Vaart fits into a Tottenham team that already has Modric and Kranjcar available in that department.

I’m not even sure you can accommodate two of the three never mind all of them.

But Spurs’ squad already looked very strong last season ... and looks even stronger still this time around.

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