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Alan Green: Wayne Rooney row shows classy United lack style

Manchester United have easily been the most successful club in English football in the time I’ve been a commentator here and their second-half display on Saturday at Upton Park spoke volumes about the reasons for their success.

Championship class, but no style . . .

As Wayne Rooney confidently stroked in the penalty to complete an outstanding hat-trick in just 14 minutes I was determined to write a piece for the column acclaiming his return to form. Then . . . he ran towards a television camera to mouth obscenities at the viewing public, not once but twice.

Rooney is a great footballer but, at times, he resembles a yob you’d see on city streets on a Saturday night. What is it? Does his fame and money make him believe he can get away with anything? Sadly, unfortunately, too frequently, it does.

And, of course, there is no appropriate leadership from his manager. Sir Alex Ferguson was quick to rubbish Richard Scudamore’s attempts to see the Premier League managers and players show proper respect to officials: a campaign undermined then from the beginning.

Sorry . . . but Manchester United’s success sometimes has no style.

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