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Alan Green: Why Capello should ditch Terry and the other losers

I don’t think the FA had any realistic alternative to allowing Fabio Capello to stay in his job and I’ll get to my reasoning in a moment.

However, that isn’t to say he shouldn’t learn from his errors.

If he doesn’t, they should be pointed out to the Italian.

For a start, never mind giving the supposed ‘golden generation’ a final chance, Capello should get rid of some of the dead wood immediately: Emile Heskey, David James, Frank Lampard, Matthew Upson and, particularly John Terry.

The former England captain — patently, he thinks he still IS the skipper — is no longer good enough and, clearly, was a disruptive influence within the camp.

Had either Jamie Carragher or Ledley King been available, I’d have dropped Terry for the final group game against Slovenia: that, for his claims to speak for the squad.

Then we had his slovenly play against Germany.

Blame Upson and James as well for that first goal if you will — you’d be right — but what about Terry?

He’s not the ‘brightest’ but his arrogance, so typical of today’s footballers, simply beggars belief.

This guy seriously believes that he did ‘nuffink wrong’ in sleeping with a colleague’s girlfriend.

I still squirm at seeing those staged photographs of his ‘reconciliation’ with his wife in Dubai and then the parade of his children at Stamford Bridge when Chelsea won the title.

If Capello believes that he should blood fresh talent, start now. I would hate to stagger to the next European Championship relying on the likes of Terry who was found so wanting, in every regard, here in South Africa. Brazil in 2014 is a far bigger priority.

Soto the Italian. The morning after England’s demise in Bloemfontein, I may have surprised a few listening to ‘Breakfast’ on 5 Live by saying I didn’t think Capello should go.

I might argue with the thought process though. I don’t believe Sir Trevor Brooking. The cost of paying the Italian off must have been a crucial factor but I am convinced the FA is right to leave Capello alone.

What, prey tell, were the alternatives?

Roy Hodgson has gone to Liverpool and one of the other English alternatives has, let’s say, a chequered history, during which he has had allegations of corruption thrown at him. The ‘Sundays’ would have a field day: it was too big a risk.

Wrongly, another foreign coach wouldn’t have been accepted. Surely, all that matters is that England have a good coach whatever his nationality? Obvious errors aside, Capello remains one of the very best available. Who else has such a CV? Nevertheless, I’d urge England fans to give him, the players and the FA a kick up the backside by boycotting this utterly pointless game against Hungary at Wembley next month.

They should show their disgust instead of filling the Association’s trough still labouring to pay for a £750 million stadium that the country didn’t need.

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