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Alan Green: Why delay Kenny Dalglish’s Liverpool coronation?

It isn’t so long ago that people rightly derided Liverpool for being a team almost wholly dependent on Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres: no longer.

The Spaniard has gone and the skipper was almost anonymous in the side’s momentous 3-1 victory over Manchester United on Sunday.

One of the most obvious aspects of the performance was the willingness of so many hitherto ordinary ‘soldiers’ to take responsibility. The improvement in Lucas is remarkable. He may not represent what people expect from a ‘Brazilian’ but he’s become a very, very good player.

Generally, where once, under Roy Hodgson, there was a marked lack of confidence, today, under Kenny Dalglish, you see a team brimful of conviction and self-belief. I don’t think Liverpool are ‘back’ — there is still a problem with width and they need a couple of top-class defenders — but the supporters cannot wipe the smile from their faces.

Nor, surely, can the American owners. I was told a couple of weeks ago to expect Dalglish’s appointment to be made permanent. Why are we still waiting? There is no logic to the delay.

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