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Alan Green: Why I’m brassed off at England fans

It’s enough to make you pine after the drone of the infamous vuvuzelas.

Such was England’s dominance of the game in Basle, the ‘noise’ offered by home supporters was negligible. Once they waved their free flags before kick-off (even Chelsea surely must be wondering if such a tactic ever provokes a decent atmosphere?) that was it: they sat there and quickly accepted that Switzerland were nowhere near good enough to mount a significant challenge.

Unfortunately, that meant you couldn’t escape hearing that infernal brass band with their endless renditions of ‘The Great Escape’. Prey, what relevance does that particular ditty have? England weren’t playing Germany . . . and even if they were?

And, again unfortunately, the only variation on the theme was the moronic singing (is it actually a song?) of ‘In-ger-land, In-ger-land, In-ger-land . . . ’

Given that the day began with England fans swilling gallons of beer in the city, it all gelled to remind you of how unpleasant it can be following the team these days.

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