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Alan Green: You’re only Yeung once

As ‘prep’ for tonight’s commentary, I did what I wouldn’t normally do on a day off last Sunday — I watched a game on television

It was Birmingham’s draw with Manchester City.

It wasn’t great but I loved the attention paid to the new owner at St Andrews, Carson Yeung.

Whatever suspicions people have, mostly well-founded, about foreign ownership of English clubs and whether they’re ‘in it for love or money’, you couldn’t miss the obvious passion Yeung has for his new investment.

He could hardly sit still. You could have mistaken him for any over-excited blue-nosed fan and I don’t think it was an act.

For that, you need only look at a Hicks or a Gillett as they try to sing along to ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.

No, Yeung is exhibiting encouraging signs for any doubtful Brummies and if he really does have the money talked about for the forthcoming January sales then Alex McLeish, as well as owner, will soon have players and results to smile about.

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