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Do the right thing FA — expose Fifa

By Alan Green

The only morally correct stance for the Football Association to adopt towards the imminent Fifa Presidential election is to opt out: vote for neither of the two besmirched candidates, Sepp Blatter and Mohamed Bin Hammam.

I had a wry smile at the ‘Shock, Horror, Probe’ headlines that accompanied Lord Triesman’s evidence to the House of Commons committee. Why was anyone surprised? Are people still so stupid to think England would have had the slightest chance to win that World Cup bid WITHOUT indulging in Fifa’s murky games?

Honestly, I still shudder to think of the naivety of the English bid team and the euphoria of so many who thought this country was going to stage the 2018 World Cup. And I crack up with laughter at Blatter’s comment: “Zero tolerance is going through FIFA. It is my battle horse.” There goes another flying pig . . .

At the moment, I don’t see the FA doing much right but, accepting that most of us will be dead and gone before another World Cup heads this way, why not expose the extent of the corruption they know about even if they also have to acknowledge the shady lengths they were already prepared to go to? Give proper football governance a chance to succeed.

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