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Does anyone rate David Beckham anymore?

There was more David Beckham nonsense last week than I could stand.

Firstly, in the build-up to Paris St Germain's Champions League game against Barcelona, Beckham said one of the reasons he was still playing was that he hadn't given up hope of being called up by England.

He's a nice guy, but he's plainly deluded: almost as much as Carlo Ancelotti.

What on earth was the coach thinking of including Beckham in his starting line-up?

Maybe it was to give ITV something to get worked up about, though Roy Keane seemed to have difficulty keeping a straight face.

There was almost as much movement in one of the corner flags as there was in Beckham.

He took a couple of corners, played the odd pass, got booked and was substituted long after he should have been. L'Equipe awarded him three out of 10, which I thought was generous.

Mind you, given the suspension of Matuidi, Beckham might get to start in the Nou Camp tonight. That will be a big help for Barcelona in the absence of Lionel Messi.

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