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Europa League: The ‘prize’ nobody sane wants to win

By Alan Green

Your bonus question for 10 points: tell me the name of the competition that three-quarters of the Premier League would love to play in except, once they’re in it, they can’t wait to be knocked out.

Why, of course, it’s the wonderful Europa League - ‘Thursday nights on Channel 5’. If you don’t believe me, ask Martin O’Neill.

It will be a major upset now if Manchester City fail to stagger across the finishing line into the Champions League qualifying spots. That leaves Spurs and Liverpool competing for fifth place . . . and the Europa League. Spurs play at City tonight and at Anfield on Sunday.

‘Doing well’ means you’ll be adding half as many games onto your domestic league programme AND annoying your fans who find their Sundays mucked up as well as their Thursdays.

From any sensible perspective, the target for Redknapp and Dalglish should be finishing sixth and concentrating next season on winning a Champions League berth for the following year!

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