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Fans deserve the chance to be heard

There is ALWAYS something said on ‘6-0-6’ or, more likely, written to the programme on text, twitter or email that I totally disagree with.

On Sunday, I was obligated to read out a message from an ‘Arsenal fan’ that “Wenger has taken us as far as he can. He has to go”. It’s, of course, drivel though you can lucidly argue the Frenchman really should consider a change of direction.

But I will defend to the death supporters’ rights to be able to say what they think AND be heard. So Harry Redknapp was out of order to describe the people that take part in football phone-ins as “idiots”, and I don’t know if he was talking about presenters as well as callers . . .

‘6-0-6’ and its like aren’t and never have been intended for managers.

They’re for fans to say what they think about their team, their manager or the issues of the day: Arsenal supporters wanting to know why season ticket prices are increasing by 6% when the team hasn’t won a trophy for six years.

And they’re incredibly popular. I couldn’t believe it when I was once told that my then Saturday night phone-in drew more listeners than any commentary that would replace it.

So Harry, if you don’t like it, don’t listen.

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