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Inconsistent FA need to change track

Don't get me wrong. I 'saw' that Suarez punishment coming. I wrote last week how I felt any suspension would carry over until next season.

However, we shouldn't ignore the rabid inconsistency of the FA's disciplinary proceedings. On the 'race' issue, I'm still trying to figure out how John Terry got away with half the punishment meted out to the Uruguayan. And how the FA didn't see any need to take action against Patrice Evra for his 'contribution' is beyond me.

But, as important, are we really saying 'biting' is much worse than tackles that could end a player's career? Callum McManaman and Sergio Aguero both escaped ANY punishment for gut-wrenching challenges that millions of us saw on television. Why? Because the FA went on the shocking reasoning that the incidents had been 'seen' by officials.

Of direct relevance, Jermain Defoe once 'bit' Javier Mascherano, we all saw it, and he was 'yellow carded'. End of story as far as the FA was concerned.

That nonsense 'escape clause' has to end.

And I wish I could banish from my mind the feeling that Suarez has been picked on, under pressure from parts of the media, because, simply, he's 'Johnny Foreigner'.

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