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Liverpool boss Brendan's Euro view spot on

Brendan Rodgers is an intelligent man but I do wish he would occasionally pause and think before speaking – particularly after games.

I'm certain a majority of Liverpool fans would have hidden their faces in embarrassment hearing their manager describe the team's performance against West Ham the other Sunday as "outstanding" – nil-nil at home to a side that hasn't won at Anfield in half a century?

Nevertheless, Rodgers does talk uncommonly good sense when he says that missing out on the Europa League might actually be a "blessing" for his Liverpool team.

It's a hotchpotch of a competition, indescribably poor in relation to the old UEFA Cup, and a possible almighty distraction to what the club really requires – re-establishment as a Premier League 'force'.

To win the Europa League, as Chelsea might do, normally requires 19 games. That's half a Premier League campaign.

No-one can tell me that helps your main aim which, like it or not, is qualifying for the Champions League.

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