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Racist fans must be thrown out

I see the Italian General Secretary of UEFA Gianni Infantino hopes that the concluding stages of the European club competitions will find opposing fans showing respect and friendship towards each other. Some hope. Last time I looked Lazio are still involved.

Poor Tottenham could face that lot again and won’t have forgotten the racism they encountered in the group stages. What did UEFA do about that? Why they ‘punished’ Lazio for the behaviour of their fans with fines of £32,500 and £12,000. That will have had them quaking.

 What will happen to Inter Milan after the monkey chants of their supporters towards Emmanuel Adebayor (pictured) the other night? Perhaps, UEFA will confiscate their inflatable bananas.

It won’t do and UEFA mouthing platitudes is pathetic. Clubs like Lazio and Inter have to be thrown out of European competitions. Only then will their supporters learn. If they don’t, will we miss them?

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