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United's Michael Owen would be better off at Goodison

By Alan Green

Michael Owen scores two goals against lower division opponents in the Carling Cup: so what?

They bought him only a place on the bench for Manchester United at Stoke even in the absence of Wayne Rooney and he only came on, ineffectively, because of another injury to Hernandez.

I cannot believe the former England striker isn’t itching with frustration.

At ‘best’ he can only be fifth choice striker for Sir Alex, fit only for the lesser competitions and a possible substitute’s role in games that really matter. If, at 31, Owen thinks that’s good enough he’s either fooling us, fooling himself or has already switched his main sporting interest to horse racing.

I saw Everton go much closer to thwarting Manchester City on Saturday than the scoreline suggested and couldn’t help but wonder why Owen doesn’t see an opportunity there.

Owen could be the answer to one of David Moyes’ prayers: the proven goal-scorer the Everton manager needs and for next to nothing. Perhaps in the January window?

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