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Venky’s just part of Blackburn Rovers misery

By Alan Green

Of the three teams relegated from the Premier League I suspect Blackburn attract least sympathy.

From the start, most of us felt reason to laugh at the Venky’s ownership of the club, so distant, so ignorant, and all bar one or two of his management fraternity thought that Steve Kean was remotely up to the job.

But, in doling out criticism, the Premier League itself should also be held to account.

Its so-called “fit and proper person” tests re prospective owners clearly failedagain.

Were lessons learnt after Portsmouth, after Birmingham? Perhaps not because the League management carries on regardless.

Though, occasionally, the Rovers fans have taken their protests to extremes, though I thought the dressed-up chicken was hilarious, their stance was legitimate. I feel very sorry for them. And I only hope that, this time, Richard Scudamore’s confidence that the club’s future isn’t in jeopardy isn’t misplaced.

Mind you, it’s nothing to do with the Premier League anymore

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