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Yobs could silence Wembley

It would be grotesquely hypocritical for us and Fifa to ignore the charges that have emerged about the 'racist' behaviour of a proportion of England fans that went to the match in San Marino.

We cannot decry the inability of authorities, and particularly Uefa, to clamp down on racism merely when it's directed at our players and our clubs, the Under-21s in Serbia, Tottenham in Italy, if we don't hold our own hands up when charged.

I wasn't in San Marino so, rather like the European anti-racism network FARE, we can only go on 'reports' but few are disputing that some England fans sang a song suggesting that Rio Ferdinand and his brother Anton should be burned on a bonfire: appalling.

If the charge by FARE is upheld, why shouldn't England play Moldova in front of a fan-less Wembley in September? Do the crime, take the punishment ...

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