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Becks factor won't make David an idol in America

It's sad to see that a once great midfielder who served Manchester United so well down the years has been reduced to try and make football successful in a land where it's in the doldrums. Anyhow, that's enough about Roy Keane, did you notice that David Beckham has a book out?

Football Focus certainly did and the latest person to smarm over him was Dan Walker, where Becks revealed he had retired because that 'once I felt I couldn't do it at the highest level then I'd think about stepping down.' I'd like to wish Marouane Fellaine, Tom Cleverley, Nani, Anderson and Danny Welbeck well in their retirement.

His challenge now is in Miami, where he's been given a franchise for a soccerball team and David (pictured with a book) confidently predicted that he thought 'there's going to be a time where football will explode and become one of the sports that will challenge basketball, baseball and American Football.' It won't, David, it won't.

Even Mark Lawrenson can see that, joined in the studio by Robbie Fowler, who like soccer in the States, is going to grow and grow.

Lawro mused 'if you throw a ball to an American kid, what does he do with it? He catches it,' and Robbie suddenly looked interested until it was explained he said 'ball' and not 'roll.'

Fowler reminisced how Becks had worn a white suit and no-one's eyelids batted an inch while he and the rest of Liverpool's 1996 Cup Final-losing team wore one and were 'mullered for years and years.' I'm guessing the rice and not the fat free yogurt ...

Still, we wish David well with his American dream and his book. Another two packs of felt tips and he'll be nearly finished.

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