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Becks with a bang via Paris and Berwick

I wonder when Ray Stubbs left the BBC to go to ESPN did he envisage the glamour of standing in a snowstorm in Berwick watching Third Division Scottish football?

Left wide open to the howling blizzard sweeping around the ground, he really should have availed of the advertising hoarding of the season thus far for 'Northumberland Log Cabins'.

And if there's one going spare, then expect an order from Paris shortly as a Mnsr Beckham looks for a bit of warmth and some privacy during his bench-sitting sojourn to the French capital.

The arrival of a David hasn't been greeted with such excitement since Michelangelo was chiselling away, ESPN making room on their Classic channel for PSG's new masterpiece, fully clothed as it was a tad nippy in Paris, as they took on Marseille.

Commentator Dave Farrar told us that Becks was the 27th English player to play in La Ligue, and was joined in the commentary booth by one of the other 26, Clive Allen, and he couldn't have been more excited had Nicole's papa cleared off for the evening in his new Clio.

Becks was in danger of being over-shadowed in the early stages as Ronaldo turned up to perform the ceremonial kick-off and was handed a PSG shirt by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Thankfully, he didn't try and put it on or we'd still be waiting for someone to fetch Michelangelo's chisel.

But if it's a hijacking of an event that you want, then Becks is just the boy for the job, finally thrown into the action and with a neat flick and a cross that hit big Zlatan's knee, he had the presence of mind to ensure that he was first to jump on the big Swede (pictured) and steal, sorry, share the glory.

Form is merely temporary, class and hogging the limelight, is permanent.

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