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Billy on the Box: Alas, Smith and Jones aren’t super on Sunday

David Jones. What you mean you’ve never heard of him? C’mon, everyone knows at least one man of that name, whether it be the British one out of the Monkees, the manager of Cardiff or even the bloke who owned a locker.

If you’re really struck there’s even the golfer from here, or one that plays for Wolves and it’s also an Australian version of Marks and Spencer if you’re that way inclined. Oh, and he’s the new presenter of Sky’s Super Sunday.

Ahhh, suddenly you know who he is and he seems an awfully nice, clean-cut chap, certainly better than that sexist beast who preceded him.

Mind you, if you think they’ve gone too far in replacing Keys with someone who would look more at home at Sunday School rather than Super Sunday, then filling Andy Gray’s seat with someone called Butch is just extracting an unpleasant orangey liquid — and I don’t mean Tango.

Ray Wilkins was the man chosen to fill the other hole beside Jamie Redknapp as Chelsea took on Liverpool and he settled in straight away to the general chumminess with a quick ‘Dave’.

As no-one really knew who the presenter was you half expected him to say ‘my name’s not Dave, it’s Rodney’, but sadly this was not the trigger for an Only Fools and Horses retrospective.

And where there’s a Jones, there has to be a Smith, and Alan, of the former Arsenal variety, looks to be the man to ride pillion to Martin Tyler for the foreseeable future.

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‘Both are playing new systems,' Smudger said, 'so they don't want to do anything gung ho.'

I think he meant Chelsea and Liverpool, but I’m not sure.

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