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Billy on the Box: An audience with Billy Connolly and three Andys

I know it was Burns Night earlier this week and everyone turns a wee bit more Caledonian, but everywhere you look there’s an Andrew.

Tennis is the main culprit, with the annoyingly impressive Andy Murray and the increasingly good Andrew Cotter swapping Alba for Australia, while the third of the saintly trio, Castle is back home.

A castle may be an Englishman’s home but someone should tell him as this Englishman has been everywhere, popping up on the ever-awful Question of Sport, doing a bit of tennis with Sue Barker, onto Eurosport and then occupying Dictionary Corner in Countdown.

Down Under and Cotter was doing his bit for the SNP when oor Andy turned up against Jurgen Melzer.

“There’s a good few Scottish and British supporters in today,” he told us, and I had to check to see if Hazel Irvine was leading a march south after independence day had led onto Burns’ Night.

The King of Scotland, Billy Connolly, was in Melbourne though to cheer on tennis’ tartan special, as Cotter explained: “All the Scottish stars come out for the tennis, Sean Connery years ago at Wimbledon and if he gets to the quarter-finals I’m sure the Krankies will come out.’

He did but they didn’t, although he did account for someone who I’m sure was called Mr Snuffleupagus, and now never mind Sesame Street is on easy street as Rafa Nadal tumbled out, leaving the path open to the final.

But remember what Rabbie said ‘there is no such uncertainty as a sure thing.’ Apart from Federer winning.

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