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Billy on the Box: Bad breaks for Boris and Boris but not Roger

So it was Roger against Wilfried in the final of the Beano Championships at the O2 Arena on Sunday, and against all odds it turned out to be a cracker of a final.

Fresh from my disappointment of the BBC switching off the tennis last week to allow the Hairy Bikers on, I took no chances and watched on Sky, although that means Greg Rusedski and those teeth that follow you around the room.

There was a slight delay as the doubles final presentation took place leading presenter Marcus Buckland to fret: “Let’s hope they don’t get carried away and spray champagne all over the court which could lead to a nasty accident.”

Still, at least it explains what happened to Boris Becker, taking his uber-Germanic villain look to new levels with a threatening cast on his leg. He’d still have beaten Greg.

But this was a day when Roger, who has a lot to do to make up for that awful Lindt advert, tried to make amends and break something of his own — the record for end of year wins.

“Where will the match be won and lost?,” he was asked. “Well, it’s indoors” Aye, very good Roger, no-one likes a smart ace.

And it turned into a great game, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (he changed his name when he left the Bash Street Kids), watched by many ‘celebrities’ including Pippa Middleton and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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But highlight of the day was when Boris was booed, no not MFI’S favourite cupboard enthusiast, this was Boris Johnson who got pelters when he was late back to court.

More bumbling than a bee convention, I can’t wait to the opening ceremony at the Olympics when he blows out the torch before the big flame is lit and then has to scuttle off on his bike for a packet of Sunny Jim and a box of matches.

But inevitably it was game, set and match to Roger, and Marcus turned to Herr Becker and said: “That was pretty good, Boris, as good as it gets on a Sunday afternoon.”

Indeed, especially when you’re trying to clamber into a cupboard with a broken leg.

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