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Billy on the Box: Beat it Colin, we don’t need another Jackson

Not since the days of Michael and all his siblings have our screens been bombarded with so many Jacksons.

In this case though while it may seem there are dozens of them popping up everywhere on closer inspection in turns out that it is just one — Colin (pictured).

You can’t switch on a telly these days without the former hurdler appearing and in some of the most unlikely places if only to prove one just thing — he’s an ex-athlete not a TV celebrity.

This week alone he’s been on The Million Pound Drop, Dancing on Ice Goes Gold and most toe-curlingly of all, the Olympic’s Most Amazing Moments.

The latter was the latest in BBC Three’s never-ending series of ‘Most Amazing’ shows that wheel out a clutch of ‘comedians’ and ‘TV presenters’ who you’ve never heard tell of, to talk over amazing moments.

Honestly, if BBC Three had been around in biblical times Moses would have been shoved aside and replaced by Richard Bacon for a wacky trip through The Top Ten Crazy Commandments.

Sadly the former Blue Peter bad-boy’s 40-day banishment had been served but just what punishment befits the pain he and co-host Jackson inflicted upon the world last week is too ghastly to even think about.

But it was nice to see some old favourites again, Zola Budd tripping up Mary Decker, Daley Thompson’s pole breaking into smithereens and Eric the Eel nearly drowning and wonderful to hear Ron Pickering and David Coleman in their pomp too.

For the record, Muhammad Ali lighting the flame in Atlanta was the ‘most amazing’ moment but bizarrely Ben Johnson’s escapades just crept into the top 10.

But as Iwan Thomas explained: “Yes, he cheated, yes, he was on drugs, but his legs still ran that quickly.” That’s okay then.

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