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Billy on the Box: Bradley Wiggins holds onto wig as Lesley lets rip in Paris

Cycling has not dominated so many conversations since the Chopper was the talk of the town way back then.

Bradley Wiggins’ win at the Tour de France, and the likelihood of a plethora of pedal-powered medals to come at the Olympics, mean that suddenly the humble pushbike is now the vehicle of choice.

I was never allowed a Chopper — too dangerous my mammy said — and the only rainbow jersey I remember then was the one Geoffrey wore while hanging out with Zippy, George and Bungle.

A quick glance at the side of Bradley’s face and you’d be forgiven for thinking Bungle had reappeared but that mantle belonged to ITV commentator Phil Liggett on Sunday who was getting a tad excited by Wiggins’ impending win, which he had clinched the day before, but let’s not allow facts to spoil the day.

“It is an outstanding sporting achievement that people are comparing to Britain’s World Cup victory in 1966,” he said as the UK’s Celtic cousins hurled expletives at the telly.

Quite what they hurled when Lesley Garrett turned up in Union Jack dress that made her look like Geri Halliwell’s granny to sing the national anthem is anyone’s guess.

Although clearly they ran out of cloth for the upper half of the frock, but at least it gave Bradley somewhere to park his bike.

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