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Billy on the Box: Buccs party gate-crashed by big Bear and BBC

The reason for my afore-mentioned hangover on Sunday morning elsewhere on this page was because I was in London to attend the annual festival of woooooooo at Wembley.

This isn’t ‘woo’ in the romantic sense, more the annoying American way where even the simplest of sporting moves is greeted by some cretin standing up for no reason and shouting ‘you’re the man’ when someone moves more than three feet at a time.

This year it was the turn of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to ‘play host’ to the Chicago Bears, and it was a jolly good show, especially the cheerleaders and the Bears’ mascot who were as engrossing watching as the game had more breaks than a metatarsal conference.

But, if there’s a convenient bandwagon you can be sure the Beeb will be running behind it, desperate to jump on board, even though Sky showed the game live, but just past midnight it was gridiron time: “Hello and welcome to Wembley, the home of American Football,” said presenter Mark Chapman as Living in America started playing. But it wasn’t the usual cliché-ridden offering we usually get, as perhaps, finally, someone realises that the people who watch the game actually know what’s happening.

Of course that means they’ve either been to the game or watched it on Sky, so to have Chappers joined by Mike Carlson to give us analysis after each quarter was a tad pointless.

Maybe he was just there to pick up hotdogs for Danny Kelly for their late night stint of grid iron over on Channel Four, who isn’t so much the Fridge as an entire fitted kitchen.

By the way, just in case you missed it, the Bears beat the Buccs, owned by the Glazer Family. What a great weekend they had.

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