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Billy on the Box: Chris Hoy switches gears and machines for his new sporting challenge


Sir Chris Hoy

Sir Chris Hoy

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Sir Chris Hoy

I've always reckoned that with a bit of practice I could win an Olympic title but was never really sure of the event - until now.

My inspiration came from Sir Chris Hoy, now retired from cycling after a glittering career, and looking for new thrills to fill his time, thus his move into motor-racing.

Sir Chris Hoy - 200mph at Le Mans, was BBC's fly on the wall look at Britain's finest's attempts to take part in the world's most gruelling race, but not before he explained his cycling regime. "Don't stand when you can sit, don't sit when you can lie down, rest your legs - that was our mantra, it was relentless, it is an obsession," he revealed.

That's been my mantra for years, get those gold medals ready, where's my Grifter?

Like myself, his love of motor-racing comes from Scalextric, where he had cars with lights on them and thus why Le Mans was so dear to him. I had Minis, thus while I am busy training on the sofa for my cycling career I will be loading up on Mini Cheddars and Mini Eggs.

Hoy though has been in training for his big race for four years, and his wife, Sarra, explained what it was like living with him.

"He is a man who thrives on being able to have a project that he can strip down, learn every single detail of it, become good at it, build it all back up together and try and do it," she said, although surely Lego would be much safer than Le Mans.

As an amateur he had to earn his place on the team, we were told, although, and call me Mr Cynical, I'm guessing that with a documentary in place and sponsors on board, if he turned up and went round like Miss Daisy he'd still have made it.

In fairness he didn't, he went like the clappers, his obsessive nature shining through as he lost it with a cup of coffee that didn't go just right. "I can deal with the pressure of racing and the Olympic Games but doing some latte in front of a film crew, that's a step too far," he said, then again, better latte than never…

The caffeine did the trick though, Hoy and his team coming 17th out of 60 and he'll be back next year to try and win it.

Here's some advice, rest up, get someone to make you a cup of Mellow Birds and grab a Mini Roll, it could make all the difference.

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