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Billy on the Box: Eddie the Eagle finally jumps to top of podium

Who would have thought it Eddie Edwards is good at something.

Yes, 25 years on from his epic ski jumping adventure at the Winter Olympics in Calgary, the man with all the aerodynamics of a hippo on a space hopper, showed that there was life in the old eagle yet.

On the second night of ‘action’ in Splash, he leapt to victory although, in fairness, the opposition in Canada was slightly tougher than a former supermodel, a gardener, an annoying twerp from Essex and Charlotte Jackson.

“She’s a lady whose used to reporting on the biggest sports stories (well, reading them if we’re being strictly accurate), now she’s making a splash of her own,” said the excited commentator as the My Little Pony look-a-like stripped for action.

The Sky Sports News lovely hobbled into the pool after breaking her toe in practice but still had enough in her locker to join Eddie in the semi-finals, or Eddie the Seagull as he was christened by Vernon Kay.

Eddie made the right decision though to abandon snow for water as the return of Ski Sunday showed, on Sunday funnily enough.

Long gone are the days of David Vine in an anorak standing in front of a mountain, the new Ski Sunday is edgy and cool. Well, the latter was always the case, I suppose.

Graham Bell, who once finished a race, is joined by Ed Leigh, a snowboarder of some repute who would call you ‘dude’ at the drop of a bobble hat.

We were in Austria for the Women’s Downhill although were cruelly denied the chance to Miss Stuffer from Italy (I’ll quickly slide past that) in action but did see a Miss Maze from Slovenia. They couldn’t catch her...

But spare a thought for Marie Marchand-Arvier, a French skier who fell foul of the ice balls at the edge of the run, or ‘death cookies’ as Bell told us they were called.

He must be taking the piste.

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