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Billy on the Box: Eric Cantona’s Cosmos is a very big and different place

Football Focus was very excited this week as people remembered it was still on because someone said something interesting and it was splashed everywhere.

Yes it was ‘Big Eric in the Big Apple’ as Dan Walker said on his return from his trip to see Eric Cantona who was in the ‘Big Apple with big opinions.’ I’m guessing this was big.

The big rumpus was that 15 years on from his kung-fu kick at Selhurst Park, Eric Cantona (pictured) appeared to still glorify the incident saying it was a dream and his most treasured memory.

This has had wailing and gnashing of teeth to such an extent that the Daily Mail has probably been in touch with William Hague to send the SAS in to sort things out, but apparently they’re a tad busy.

There was one crucial part of the interview that most people seemed to have missed, the bit where Eric says ‘No it was a mistake.’ Oh, not as big a story now, but we’ll gloss over that.

“But that’s life,” he added, prompting memories of that never to be forgotten Sunday evening when Esther Rantzen lost it and flew across the room before knocking seven shades of it out of Doc Cox.

Anyhow, Eric’s in New York to make the Cosmos the biggest team in America and then the world, although most American sports have difficulty with that order of things.

He also said he had no idea where his medals were, causing much consternation on the sofa as Dan suggested Mark Lawrenson and Alan Shearer would know where they had theirs.

“Well he has, I’ve got one,” joked Shearer, and later said he had never regretted turning down a move to United. I know, think of the time it saves you from polishing.

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