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Billy on the Box: Freezer a real cool geezer for Green Bay

Take a bow, if you can, Mr Busari Raji.

To the uninitiated BJ Raji is the nose tackle for the Green Bay Packers who made it through to the Super Bowl at the weekend.

He weighs in at a princely 337lbs, just over 24 stone in old money, and I’m guessing he’s had more than his nose in quite a few bowls over the year but stole the show against the Chicago Bears when he waddled in for an intercept touchdown.

Now this was a godsend for the BBC as in Tuesday night’s highlights of the play-offs it meant we could hark back to the Eighties when William Perry hogged the limelight and was one of a handful of players everyone knew.

Of course, he was better known to everyone as The Fridge, Raji, |(pictured) seeing the opportunity, has nicknamed himself ‘The Freezer’. I suppose it is better than BJ.

“Raji has had a great year, he is remarkably quick for a guy who is that big and fat,” said pundit Mike Carlson, who will no doubt be hauled over the coals for his weightest comments.

Matt Roberts will soon be left out in the cold too as he told us he was keeping the seat warm for Jake Humphrey who will replace him for the Superbowl.

Before he left though he informed us that Raji was getting so famous now he had his own T-shirt range.

I’ve checked and they’re available in XL, XXL and Smeg sizes.

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